Effect of Barrel Length on the Velocity of .45 ACP Cartridges

The following information was provided by noted gunwriter Dean Speir, and reproduced in The Complete Book of Autopistols Buyer's Guide 1998.   It compares the velocity of 20 different JHP-style defensive loadings in .45ACP across a wide range of bullet weights in both standard and +p configurations.  The comparison is between a Glock 21 (4.60" polygonally rifled barrel) and a Glock 30 (3.78" polygonally rifled barrel).


Ammo G21 G30 diff.
Corbon 165gr BHP+p 1,160fps 1,096fps -64fps
Federal 165gr Personal Defense 1,083fps 1,023fps -60fps
Triton 165gr BHP +p 1,209fps 1,134fps -75fps
Triton 165gr BHP "Lite" 1,044fps 999fps -45fps
Federal 185gr JHP 954fps 904fps -50fps
Remington 185gr JHP +p 1,054fps 1,021fps -33fps
Remington 185gr Golden Saber 961fps 913fps -48fps
Remington 185gr Golden Saber +p 1.040fps 993fps -47fps
Triton 185gr JHP +p 1,097fps 1,067fps -30fps
Winchester 185gr Silvertip 922fps 875fps -47fps
CorBon 200gr JHP+p 1,072fps 1,019fps -53fps
Speer 200gr "Flying Ashtray" JHP 988fps 907fps -81fps
Triton 200gr JHP +p 1,091fps 1,041fps -50fps
Black Hills 230gr JHP 939fps 884fps -55fps
CorBon 230gr JHP +p 937fps 904fps -33fps
Federal 230gr Hydra-Shok 919fps 860fps -59fps
Hornady 230gr XTP-HP +p 943fps 886fps -57fps
PMC 230gr StarFire 819fps 784fps -35fps
Remington 230gr Golden Saber 852fps 825fps -27fps
Winchester 230gr SXT 889fps 840fps -49fps


Average loss (overall): 49.9fps

Average loss with standard-pressure ammunition: 50.1fps
Average loss with +p ammunition:  49.1fps

Average loss with 165gr ammunition: 61.0fps
Average loss with 185gr ammunition: 42.5fps
Average loss with 200gr ammunition: 61.3fps
Average loss with 230gr ammunition: 45.0fps

Thanks again to Dean Speir for providing this information!


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